Sara Bagnati

Born in Milan (Italy) in 1985, she started her musical education at the Conservatorio “G. Verdi” in Milan and at the Conservatorio “B. Marcello” in Venice, where she consequently finished her Bachelor degree with hounours under the guidance of Stefano Zanchetta.

From 2005 to 2007 she studied with the Russian violinist J. Berinskaya and was chosen two years in a row to perform as soloist accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bacau.

In 2008 she decided to devote herself to the study of the baroque violin and enrolled at the Conservatory of Verona in the class of Maestro Stefano Montanari.

In May of the same year she won the audition to participate as leader of the second violins in the orchestral course of “Villa Contarini” (Brentwood) under the guidance of Christopher Hogwood. In September of 2009/2010 she was invited to fill the same position in a series of concerts conducted by Roy Goodman.

She has attended masterclasses and seminars with artists such as: A. Beyer, Y. Berinskaya, A. Bernardini, O. Centurioni, E. Citterio, O. Dantone, S. Krylov, S. Kuijken, S. Montanari, E. Onofri and R.Spotti.

She has worked with several orchestras including: the Orchestra of the Academy of La Scala in Milan, the Orchestra d’Archi Italiana, I Musicali Affetti, Silete Venti, the Orchestra Barocca dell’Accademia Internazionale della Musica di Milano and the Orchestra dell’Academia Montis Regalis.

Since 2009 she works closely together with La Verdi Barocca.